Jury Deliberating in Triple Murder Trial 

Jurors are now deliberating in the triple murder trial of Thayne Ormsby. The 21-year-old Orient man is accused of killing two men and a child in Amity nearly two years ago. The jury went into deliberation around 1:30 in the afternoon, but was brought back in after sending two notes to the judge. Jurors had asked for a read back of the testimony from Dr. Marguerite DeWitt. During closing arguments, the defense suggested more than one murder weapon was used in the slayings. Dr. DeWitt had testified that she could not say if only one knife was used, but also said she didn’t believe there were multiple weapons involved.They resume deliberation just after 3:00.Closing arguments wrapped up shortly before noon on Friday. Deputy Attorney General William Stokes said Ormsby’s crime is so horrific it’s staggering in its savagery. Stokes said Jesse Ryan, 10, was caught in the epitome of evil the night he was murdered. The defense focused arguments on Robert Strout, who Ormsby was living with at the time of the killings. Strout has pleaded guilty to arson and hindering apprehension in connection with the murders. Ormsby’s attorney says Strout admitted to destroying evidence in a homicide and is the man who led police to the knife. Earlier in the day, Ormsby’s attorney filed a motion for acquittal, saying there’s insufficient evidence in the case. The judge disagreed and denied the motion. On Thursday, jurors heard a videotaped interview in which Ormsby confessed to the killings and described in graphic detail what happened. In the recording, Ormsby admits to killing Jeffrey Ryan, 55, Jesse Ryan, 10, and Jason Dehahn, 30. Ormsby said he went after the older Ryan to rid the world of a drug dealer. He says the other two were innocent victims. The jury is now deliberating. We will bring you a verdict as soon as we have it.