Weight Watchers: Ease into Exercise 

Weight Control isn’t all about how much you eat, how much you move is just as important.Jackie Conn from weight watchers has some tips.String. To work the forearms, tie a sturdy string to the middle of a small stick, pipe or other similar object. Securely tie a small weighted object to the other end. Holding onto the stick on either side of the string and with weight hanging down toward the floor, begin “reeling in” (lifting) the weight by repeatedly turning the wrists, until it reaches the top.A tire. For the ultimate workout, toss, flip, push, pull/drag a used tire for a totally challenging adrenaline-pumping exercise that works the entire body.A Good Book (thick one, that is!) For a lower abs weight exercise, sit on a chair with your legs together and extended in front of you, feet about eight inches off the ground. Balance the book on your shins and slowly lift your legs up, keeping them extended. Lower and repeat.