The Nite Show with Danny Cashman Celebrating 15 Year Anniversary 

Back in 1997, a college student named Dan Cashman pitched an idea for his own TV show. “I personally have a fondness for late night television, the David Lettermans and Craig Fergusons of the world, and we were really trying to emulate what they were doing, but make it local,” said Cashman.On April 12th of that year, the Nite Show with Danny Cashman taped its first episode at the Old Town Community Center. “There were a lot of things that we did wrong back then that I think we’re doing pretty well now, but it was the same basic format, it was a monologue, a comedy bit, an interview and a performance guest,” said Cashman.The format has stayed the same, but the show has gone through some changes. It’s moved from the Old Town Community Center, to a Knights of Columbus Hall, to a TV studio, and now to it’s location in Brewer at the Next Generation Theatre. Cashman says the theatre is the perfect spot.”We pack it full of people and we pack it full of energy and we try to have fun,” said Cashman.The Nite Show hasn’t been on the air for all 15 years. Cashman took as break from 1999 to 2001 and the show was off the air for eight years before it returned in 2010 on TV5.As for the future of the show, Cashman hopes he’ll be able to keep people laughing. He says the challenge is staying creative.”I think that some of the stuff that we’re doing is a little bit out of the box, some of it is a home run and some of it is a strike out, but we keep trying. I just hope that overall we just keep trying as hard we as we can to do stupid stuff and hopefully people will keep joining us in that pursuit for stupidity,” said Cashman.For now, he’s excited to celebrate his anniversary, while continuing to bring local flair to late night every week.During the anniversary episode, members of the show’s original house band will perform and Cashman will look back on some favorite Nite Show memories. That will air on TV5 on Saturday at 11:30 PM.The show’s next taping is Wednesday, April 18. Tickets are available by e-mailing [email protected]