“Tooth Ferrry” Pulls into Machias Promoting Healthy Teeth 

A unique van rolled into Rose M. Gaffney school in Machias, it’s the “tooth ferry.”It focuses on healthy teeth through a partnership with the NYU College of Dentistry.” Initially we were seeing kids with a significant amount of decay. The children’s program is able to continue the care of kids in between the visits that NYU does,” said Oral Health Coordinator for Washington County Children’s Program, Teresa Alley.They will make their fourth trip to Machias. The Washington County Children’s Program has already seen the benefits, they say the last screening of pre-k and kindergarten showed no signs of tooth decay.” Something historically we haven’t seen. We’ve been visiting this school for 13 years and have been alarmed at the amount of tooth decay,” said Alley.The school’s principal has seen a change too.” We’ve even noticed with kids that have had fears in the past of going to the dentist, that type of thing, they get down there and are treated so well and they get use to it year after year,” said Rose M. Gaffney Principal, Mitchell Look.Something the kids can smile about.” I like to get my teeth brushed. It’s because you don’t want to get any cavities,” said dental patient, Aidden Hayward.NYU’s ultimate goal is to reduce the rate of decay by fifty percent.The clinic will return to the Lee Pellon Center in Machias on April 29th through May 5th. They will be closed Thursday the third.The event is open to any Washington County resident having trouble accessing dental care.