Take This Job and Love It: Raye’s Mustard 

Baseball season is here, and that brings hotdogs loaded with all the fixings.So Chelsey Anderson headed to the only stone ground mustard company left in the United States for this Take This Job and Love It.Raye’s Mustard in Eastport. Chelsey started out working with Jerald: crushing the mustard seed for tomorrow’s batch of mustard.Jerald- “The whole seed goes up the spiral and comes down through a set of rollers and it crushes the seed into nice shiny yellow flakes.”Jerald- “This is what we start with.”From there the seed gets added to water and vinegar and goes through the mills, where it gets stone ground down to mustard.Jerald- “Our next step is to start bottling.” Chelsey- “Okay.”Jerald- “We’re bottling today Sweet & Spicy. It’s probably one of our top sellers that we do.”Jerald- “This bottler, believe it or not, is from the 40’s. We still use it today.”Jerald-“We could probably do these 120 jars in about 10-15 minutes if you get going fast.” (laughter)Obviously, Jerald hadn’t seen the show before.Jerald- “What we do is two at a time. We just reach over and grab two jars. The first two in the back will fill first.”Jerald- “We’ll fire away here.”Jerald- “It’s gonna fill up.”Jerald- “Then what you do when it’s full is you step on the pedal to break it.” Chelsey- “Okay.” Jerald- “You spin it then start all over again.”Jerald- “I’ll let you try.”Jerald- “Hit your switch. We’re good. Okay let them fill up.” Chelsey- “Ah!” Jerald- “Guesstimate it.” Okay, step on the pedal. Oh, oh!” (laughter)Jerald- Chelsey- “This one is messy.” Jerald- “Sometimes we have someone else here to cover that.”Chelsey- “I’m going to do better this time.”Jerald- “Grab ahold of your jars. Press down and spin it.” Chelsey- “Oh! Spin it.”Chelsey- “This is very difficult.”It would take me a lot more jars before I got the hang of it.Chelsey- “Oh no! Ooo!” Jerald- “There you go!”Jerald- “I can see a big mess happening here.”I was slowing the line down, so I moved on to the first station of labeling.Debbie- “All you’ve got to do is line up the R and D on the edges.”Debbie- “You might want it a little bit higher.”Chelsey- “Like that?” Debbie- “Yeah. That way you’re seeing mustard on both sides.” Chelsey- “Oh!”Debbie stepped in to help me so we didn’t get too behind, so I stepped into the other labeling job.Vicki- “This goes in the circle.” Chelsey- “The middle.” Vicki- “Yep. Then the flap goes down the back.”Chelsey- “Like that? Is that right?” Vicki- “Yep.” I thought I was doing okay until…Vicki- “One little thing.” (gasp) Chelsey- “Oh no!”Chelsey- “Okay, we are aiming for better.” Debbie- “You can take that one home dear.”Then I boxed the jars up, taped the box and handed the orders off to UPS.The last thing I had to do was stock the inventory in the gift store and find out if I’d be hired.Kevin Raye, Co-owner- “We’ve got good news.” Chelsey- “Really!” Kevin and Karen- “You’re hired!” Chelsey and Karen- “yeah!”Kevin- “We were impressed with the way you handled the variety of jobs. It was good.” Chelsey- “Thanks a lot. Now the big thing is to go try everything.”Raye’s Mustard website :