Rep. Michaud Tours Corinna Factory Making First of Their Kind Wallets 

Inside a Corinna factory, Maine manufacturers are at work making a kind of wallet you can’t pick up just anywhere. It’s something Congressman Mike Michaud wanted to see himself.”The product they make here is a unique product. They customize certain products for certain customers and that niche actually has helped them tremendously,” said Rep. Michaud.The company is called The Perfect Fit because it makes wallets that fit badges for law enforcement agencies perfectly. Now it’s offering an add-on to its wallets that helps protect against identity theft. A metal-based fiber is sewn inside to prevent card readers from lifting personal information from cards you store in your wallet.”It was just like, why can’t I just add that and offer that to police officers and anyone that carries a badge, add this barrier in there for security and now they’re protected,” explained Michael Levesque, the owner of Perfect Fit.Congressman Michaud says the uniqueness of the product is what will allow the Perfect Fit to compete with other manufacturing companies overseas. It’s companies like this one that Michaud wants to let others in congress know about.”I think the more elected officials and regulators in those positions of having an effect on commerce in the United States get to see facilities such as the Perfect Fit, the more we can keep that in mind as we move forward with legislation both at federal as well as the state level,” said Michaud.Because if companies like this all around America are competitive in the manufacturing industry, then our country will be too.