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Free Family Wellness Fair

Updated 3 years ago

You can learn more about diabetes, get your hearing checked and even try out Zumba this weekend. Waldo County General Hospital is sponsoring a Family Wellness Fair in Belfast. It’s happening Saturday from 10am – 1pm at the Troy Howard Middle School. There will be exhibitors on hand and free health screenings. Everyone is invited to attend the free event. There will be activities for kids, including face painting. If you’d like more information call the hospital’s education department at 930-6713.

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Juror Dismissed in Ormsby Triple Murder Trial

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For the second day in a row the trial of Thayne Ormsby has been delayed because of an issue with the jury. Wednesday, proceedings were delayed because Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes said a juror tried to shake his hand as he was leaving for lunch. Stokes was accompanied by a member of Maine State Police who heard the juror say ” you are doing a good job.”The judge play security footage to review the situation. Ormsby’s attorney asked to revisit some of the paperwork the juror initially filled out before the trial .The judge dismissed the juror saying he believes the juror lost the ability to remain impartial. We’re told the juror was an alternate. After the judge dismissed him, the juror said he thought Stokes was one of the smartest men he’d ever heard of. He said he wanted to congratulate Stokes and that was all. The defense attorneys asked to question the other jurors, fearing they were now “tainted”. The judge denied that request and the trial will resume. On Tuesday, police charged a Standish man with tampering with a juror. Albert Gaudet, 52, reportedly held the courthouse door open for a juror and said ” I hope you hang the *expletive*.”Gaudet is related to one of the victims in the case. This is the first time police can remember someone being charged with tampering with a juror at a Maine murder trial. Ormsby is on trial for reportedly killing two men and a child in Amity in June of 2010. He’s also facing an arson charge in connection to the crime. The trial is expected to last two weeks.

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Suspect in Hermon Home Invasion to Spend Three Days in Jail Following Third Arrest This Year

Updated 3 years ago

One of the suspects in a deadly home invasion in Hermon back in February will spend three days in jail after being arrested for the third time this year.19-year-old Philip McIntyre was arrested Monday night at a party on First Street.According to court documents, McIntyre gave police a false name when they confronted him.When an officer tried to arrest him, McIntyre allegedly refused and then authorities found loose pills on him.Mcintyre pleaded guilty to charges of failure to provide officers with his real name, refusing arrest and drug possession.In addition to jail time, he’s been ordered to pay a four hundred dollar fine.

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Maine State Workers Union Files Complaint

Updated 3 years ago

The Maine State Employees Association has filed a complaint with the state Labor Relations Board asking it to stop the administration from hiring private contractors to do work typically handled by the union.The 16-page complaint filed Tuesday alleges that the state is bound by contract to negotiate with the union before it hires non-members.The union said in its complaint that the practice deprives “bargaining unit members of that work, as well as the pay and benefits that come with that work.”A spokeswoman for Republican Gov. Paul LePage says the administration is confident the labor board will find no violation. The spokeswoman tells the Kennebec Journal the complaint is “pathetic” and a “cheap shot.”No hearing date has been set.

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Ice Cream Truck Driver Charged With Pot Possession

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An ice cream truck driver is facing charges in Maine after police say they found marijuana on his truck while he was making his rounds.Richmond Police Chief Scott MacMaster says an officer stopped the truck at about 11 a.m. Saturday after a resident called to report a suspicious ice cream truck was traveling in a neighborhood without any children.MacMaster told The Times Record that the officer smelled marijuana when he pulled over the truck as it was about to turn into Richmond High School.The driver, 24-year-old Travis Wilson of Gardiner, was issued a summons for marijuana possession.

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Take This Job and Love It: Raye’s Mustard

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Baseball season is here, and that brings hotdogs loaded with all the fixings.So Chelsey Anderson headed to the only stone ground mustard company left in the United States for this Take This Job and Love It.Raye’s Mustard in Eastport. Chelsey started out working with Jerald: crushing the mustard seed for tomorrow’s batch of mustard.Jerald- “The whole seed goes up the spiral and comes down through a set of rollers and it crushes the seed into nice shiny yellow flakes.”Jerald- “This is what we start with.”From there the seed gets added to water and vinegar and goes through the mills, where it gets stone ground down to mustard.Jerald- “Our next step is to start bottling.” Chelsey- “Okay.”Jerald- “We’re bottling today Sweet & Spicy. It’s probably one of our top sellers that we do.”Jerald- “This bottler, believe it or not, is from the 40’s. We still use it today.”Jerald-“We could probably do these 120 jars in about 10-15 minutes if you get going fast.” (laughter)Obviously, Jerald hadn’t seen the show before.Jerald- “What we do is two at a time. We just reach over and grab two jars. The first two in the back will fill first.”Jerald- “We’ll fire away here.”Jerald- “It’s gonna fill up.”Jerald- “Then what you do when it’s full is you step on the pedal to break it.” Chelsey- “Okay.” Jerald- “You spin it then start all over again.”Jerald- “I’ll let you try.”Jerald- “Hit your switch. We’re good. Okay let them fill up.” Chelsey- “Ah!” Jerald- “Guesstimate it.” Okay, step on the pedal. Oh, oh!” (laughter)Jerald- Chelsey- “This one is messy.” Jerald- “Sometimes we have someone else here to cover that.”Chelsey- “I’m going to do better this time.”Jerald- “Grab ahold of your jars. Press down and spin it.” Chelsey- “Oh! Spin it.”Chelsey- “This is very difficult.”It would take me a lot more jars before I got the hang of it.Chelsey- “Oh no! Ooo!” Jerald- “There you go!”Jerald- “I can see a big mess happening here.”I was slowing the line down, so I moved on to the first station of labeling.Debbie- “All you’ve got to do is line up the R and D on the edges.”Debbie- “You might want it a little bit higher.”Chelsey- “Like that?” Debbie- “Yeah. That way you’re seeing mustard on both sides.” Chelsey- “Oh!”Debbie stepped in to help me so we didn’t get too behind, so I stepped into the other labeling job.Vicki- “This goes in the circle.” Chelsey- “The middle.” Vicki- “Yep. Then the flap goes down the back.”Chelsey- “Like that? Is that right?” Vicki- “Yep.” I thought I was doing okay until…Vicki- “One little thing.” (gasp) Chelsey- “Oh no!”Chelsey- “Okay, we are aiming for better.” Debbie- “You can take that one home dear.”Then I boxed the jars up, taped the box and handed the orders off to UPS.The last thing I had to do was stock the inventory in the gift store and find out if I’d be hired.Kevin Raye, Co-owner- “We’ve got good news.” Chelsey- “Really!” Kevin and Karen- “You’re hired!” Chelsey and Karen- “yeah!”Kevin- “We were impressed with the way you handled the variety of jobs. It was good.” Chelsey- “Thanks a lot. Now the big thing is to go try everything.”Raye’s Mustard website : http://rayesmustard.com/

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Calais-Woodland Will Not Have a Football Team in 2012

Tim Throckmorton

Updated 3 years ago

THE FOLLOWING IS A NOTICE WRITTEN WEDNESDAY BY CALAIS ASST. PRINCIPAL MATT CLARKI am officially announcing today that the Calais/Woodland Silverados will not field a Varsity Football Team in the upcoming 2012 season. Several factors play a role in this decision, but our main concerns are the low number of projected participants and interest in the program at this point in time. Low numbers causes a serious concern for safety of our student-athletes. It takes an enormous amount of work and effort to build a football schedule. Consequently, in fairness to the Little Ten Conference and other schools, we felt it important to make this decision early enough for the Football Committee and L.T.C. to be able to do their job in an appropriate amount of time.This program has been funded privately from its inception due to the tireless work of many parents, players, and volunteers who believed in its success. The schools wish to express their sincere gratitude to all of the people who made many children’s dream a reality. We feel the program has been very successful in its four years at the varsity level.The program still has several options, including a possible return to club status. In analyzing the current state of the program, we believe that the majority of the work and effort would need to be put into building a consistent feeder system at the youth level if the program was ever to return to varsity status. We will be making some of these decisions in the foreseeable future.We would like to thank all the administrators and coaches from the Little Ten Conference who graciously accepted us into the league in 2008 as a Varsity Program. They have been very gracious and supportive in our effort. We would also like to thank the Maine Principal Association for its support and guidance.We would especially like to thank Coach Ian Pratt for bringing football to Calais High School and everything else he has done for the program.

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Update: Jurors Hear Tape of Police Interview with Ormsby

Updated 3 years ago

The trial of Thayne Ormsby continues Wednesday in Aroostook County.Ormsby is charged with murdering Jeffrey Ryan, 55, Jesse Ryan, 10, and Jason Dehahn, 30, in Amity in June of 2010. Wednesday, the jury heard a recording of an initial police interview with Ormsby that was taken in Dover, New Hampshire, just days after the killings.During questioning, Ormsby told detectives he thought Jeffrey Ryan was a ‘nice guy,’ but claimed he had never met Dehahn. When police asked him if he had ever been inside Ryan’s pickup truck, he said no, and told them he thought the truck belonged to 10 year old, Jesse. Ormsby is also charged with arson for reportedly setting fire to the truck to destroy evidence. Ormsby was living with Strout at the time of the killings. Strout has pleaded guilty to arson and hindering apprehension in connection to the murders. A State Police detective who responded to the truck fire took the stand. In cross examination he told the jury they searched Strout’s car at his house in Amity and found a “survival style” knife under the passenger seat. The detective went on to say the knife had red-brown stains on it, but did not say what the stains were. The detective also testified they searched the house of Tamara Strout in Weston. According to court documents Ormsby told police he planned to move into Tamara Strout’s house and live there with her 16-year-old daughter she had with Jeffrey Ryan. Police say they found a high school ID that matched Ormsby inside a bag at Tamara Strout’s house. The detective also testified they searched a furnace at the house and found remnants from steel boots. Ormsby has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the crimes. The trial is expected to last two weeks.

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Orono Woman Convicted of Assaulting Infant Son To Serve Nine Months Behind Bars

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An Orono woman convicted of assaulting her infant son will spend nine months in prison.24-year-old Lynn Crossman was sentenced Wednesday in Bangor.Last month, a jury found Crossman guilty of hitting her then nine-month old son in November of 2010. The boy suffered a broken leg.The state recommended nine to 12 months, citing a 2005 incident where Crossman was charged with two counts of assault on her mother and grandmother, charges that were later dismissed.Because she has no criminal record and has performed well during probation, the defense argued for less time.The judge handed down the 9-month sentence, saying all factors presented by both sides should not diminish the significance of the child’s age.”I think it also reflects that here, the level of trust that was violated between a parent and a child is one of the most essential relationships you have in life and you’re supposed to be totally protected when you’re with a parent,” said Assistant District Attorney Alice Clifford.”Lynn is….disappointed obviously. She really wanted the jury to find the verdict of not guilty, we are appealing that sentence,” said Defense Attorney Stephen Smith.Crossman will also be on probation for two years.She’ll undergo psychiatric treatment, counseling, and cannot have unsupervised contact with minors.

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Tomaselli Sentenced for Abuse

Updated 3 years ago

A man who accused former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of molesting him has been sentenced to three years and three months in prison for sexually abusing a boy in Maine. Zach Tomaselli of Lewiston was sentenced Wednesday in Auburn. He pleaded guilty in December in an agreement with prosecutors. The 23-year-old Tomaselli apologized to the victim, who attended a camp where Tomaselli was a counselor. The boy was 13 and 14 when the abuse occurred. Tomaselli is one of three men to accuse Fine of molesting them as boys, but his is the only case that falls within the statute of limitations. The U.S. Attorney’s office is investigating his claim that Fine, who was fired, molested him in 2002 in Pittsburgh. Fine denied the accusations.

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Power Outage in Hancock County

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Nearly 2,000 Bangor Hydro customers in Hancock County are without power Wednesday morning. We’re told the outages are due to an equipment malfunction at a substation. Crews are working to repair the problem . Power is expected to be restored by noon Wednesday.

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Tomaselli Sentencing Scheduled for Wednesday

Updated 3 years ago

A Lewiston man who accused former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of molesting him is due to be sentenced for sexually abusing a boy in Maine.Zach Tomaselli pleaded guilty under an agreement with prosecutors in which he’s expected to be sentenced Wednesday to three years and three months behind bars.Tomaselli, who’s 23, acknowledged sexually abusing a boy who’d attended a camp where he was a counselor. The boy was 13 and 14 when the abuse occurred.Tomaselli is one of three men to accuse Fine of molesting them as boys but his is the only case that falls within the statute of limitations. The U.S. Attorney’s office is investigating his claim that Fine, who was fired, molested him in 2002 in Pittsburgh. Fine denied the accusations.

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Construction Expo Kicks off Wednesday

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What’s billed as the state’s largest construction trade show is getting under way at the Augusta Civic Center.The Construction Expo of Maine runs Wednesday and Thursday. This year’s show includes more than 170 exhibitors inside the civic center auditorium, and outside in the parking lot.The expo’s host is the Maine Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction. Proceeds from the expo will fund scholarships for Maine students pursuing construction-related fields of study.Show hours are noon to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday.The seminar schedule is at NAWIC’s website www.nawicmaine.org/expo.html.

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Senior Spotlight: Greatest Generations Dinner & Auction

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Saturday, April 28 at 5:30 PM Location: Anah Temple Mystic Shrine 586 Main Street, Bangor ME For ticket information call Kevin O’Brien, 458-3646

Do you have a bucket list?

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Yes 25% (87 votes) No 75% (258 votes)

Maine State Math Meet Results

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Ninth Grade Awards1st Conor Thompson, 67 pts, Bangor High2nd Yiru Li, 64 pts, Lee Academy3rd George Spahn, 55 pts, Erskine Academy3th Jiaming (Frank) Zhang, 55 pts, Thornton Academy5th Clifton Jeffrey , 50 pts, Mt Desert Tenth Grade Awards1st Deven Roberts, 67 pts, Cape Elizabeth2nd Ning Ye, 62 pts, Mt. Desert3rd Sam Monkman, 59 pts, Lawrence High3rd, Roger Van Peski, 59 pts, MSSM5th Zihan Qi, 58 pts, Thornton Academy5th Andy Liu, 58 pts, North Yarmouth Academy7th Benjamin Murphy, 57 pts, Oxford Hills8th Christer Liu, 55 pts, Foxcroft AcademyEleventh Grade Awards1st Ove Hou, 65 pts, Washington Academy 8th Yue Zhou , 60 pts, Hebron2nd Tian Ma, 64 pts, Fryeburg Academy 9th Braeden Benedix, 59 pts, MSSM3rd Connor Maines, 63 pts, Cheverus 9th Nikolai Wotton, 59 pts, Oceanside3rd Gefei Li, 63 pts, Fryeburg Academy 9th Michael Kim, 59 pts, Kents Hill3rd Yue Yi Sun, 63 pts, Fryeburg Academy 9th Rachel Eaton, 59 pts, Gorham3rd Sheryas Joshi , 63 pts, Falmouth3rd Paul Rudnicki , 63 pts, BangorTwelveth Grade Awards1st Ethan DiNinno, 72 pts (perfect score), Cape Elizabeth High1st Yunrui (Rae) Li, 72 pts, Thornton Academy1st Xinyue (Elaine) Deng, 72 points, Fryeburg Academy4th Thomas Murphy, 69 pts, MSSM5th Alex Henry, 67 pts, Scarborough6th Klass Pruiksma, 64 pts, MSSM6th Trevor Quigley, 64 pts, MSSM8th Sam Oransky, 63 pts, Kennebunk High9th Joyce Jia , 61 pts, Foxcroft Academy10th Arnold Feng, 59 pts, Orono High10th Ellen Jewett, 59 pts, Portland High12th Zhen Shuai, 58 pts, MCI13th Zhaoxi Zhang, 57 pts, Kents Hill14th Candy Dai, 56 pts, George Stevens15th MinKyu Kim, 55 pts, MSSM15th Josh Sullivan, 55 pts, Lincoln Academy15th Peng Lu, 55 pts, Hebron Academy15th Perry Peng, 55 pts, John BapstTeam AwardsFirst Place Overall: MSSM 743 pointsDivision A Division B1st MSSM, 743 pts 1st Fryeburg, 727 pts2nd Bangor, 610 pts 2nd Cape Elizabeth, 601 pts3rd Scarborough, 589 pts 3rd Cheverus, 539 pts4th Thornton Acad., 559 pts 4th Mt Desert, 470 pts5th Kennebunk, 492 pts 5th Erskine, 451 pts6th Marshwood , 465 pts 6th Falmouth, 445 pts6th Brunswick, 465 pts 7th Greely, 429 ptsDivision C Division D1st Foxcroft Acad., 529 pts 1st Hebron, 635 pts2nd Washington, 520 pts 2nd NYA, 511 pts3rd John Bapst, 515 pts 3rd Kents Hill, 450 pts4th MCI, 481 pts 4th Lee, 401 pts5th George Stevens, 470 pts 5th Saint Dominic, 374 pts6th Berwick Acad., 447 pts 6th Spruce Mtn. North, 293 pts7th Orono, 414 pts 7th Deer Isle, 291 pts

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