Discussion Continues On Proposed Juniper Ridge Landfill Expansion 

It was a packed house in Old Town Wednesday night, as the Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner met with the Juniper Ridge Landfill Advisory Committee, to discuss operations.The Commissioner, Patricia Aho listened to comments and suggestions from residents and committee members, about concerns regarding the landfill and possible expansion.The landfill is currently state owned, and operated by Massachusetts-based Casella Waste Systems INC.The biggest concerns were the public benefit determination of the landfill, as well as how waste is being processed in maine and whether that means waste is being dumped in maine from out-of-state.Another concern seemed to be what the landfill could ultimately do to the environment, others were upset that Aho may have been lackluster at answering questions regarding the public benefit.Both sides will continue to discuss operations, and what a possible expansion could mean.