Day 3 in Triple-Murder Trial: Jurors Watch Recorded Police Interview with Thayne Ormsby 

Jurors spent the final hours of Wednesday’s court proceedings watching a recording of a police interview with Thayne Ormsby.Ormsby is charged with the stabbing deaths of Jeffrey Ryan, 55, Ryan’s son Jesse, 10, and Jason Dehahn, 30. The murders took place in Amity in June 2010. Maine State Police detectives met with Ormsby in Dover, New Hampshire, where they say he traveled following the murders.Ormsby sat down with detectives, willingly, at the Dover Police Department. The prosecution told jurors that the first hour and a half of the video consisted of conversation regarding Ormsby’s life, including his work history, friends and family.The portion played for the jury began with the detectives questioning Ormsby about his relationship with Jeffrey Ryan. Ormsby said he had only met Ryan twice, and that he had last seen him two weeks before the murders.Ormsby said he had also never met Dehahn.But then the detective pressed him, pointing out various inconsistencies with some of his earlier statements to police.  He told Ormsby they found three beer bottles matching his, Ryan’s and Dehahn’s fingerprints inside Ryan’s home the morning after the murders. The detective said there is no way those bottles sat there for two weeks.Ormsby then admitted to being at Ryan’s home and meeting Dehahn. At one point during the questioning, Ormsby said, ‘I know you want the truth, but I’m going to have to plead the fifth.’The detective said to Ormsby, ‘You must have a lot of weight on your shoulders.’ Ormsby agreed.Towards the end of the video clip, Ormsby told detectives, ‘I don’t want a media mess. I don’t want my name in the papers…because I know this makes it to news.’The video was stopped shortly after that, but the jury is expected to hear the rest Thursday, after which prosecution said they may rest their case.