Calais-Woodland Will Not Have a Football Team in 2012 

THE FOLLOWING IS A NOTICE WRITTEN WEDNESDAY BY CALAIS ASST. PRINCIPAL MATT CLARKI am officially announcing today that the Calais/Woodland Silverados will not field a Varsity Football Team in the upcoming 2012 season. Several factors play a role in this decision, but our main concerns are the low number of projected participants and interest in the program at this point in time. Low numbers causes a serious concern for safety of our student-athletes. It takes an enormous amount of work and effort to build a football schedule. Consequently, in fairness to the Little Ten Conference and other schools, we felt it important to make this decision early enough for the Football Committee and L.T.C. to be able to do their job in an appropriate amount of time.This program has been funded privately from its inception due to the tireless work of many parents, players, and volunteers who believed in its success. The schools wish to express their sincere gratitude to all of the people who made many children’s dream a reality. We feel the program has been very successful in its four years at the varsity level.The program still has several options, including a possible return to club status. In analyzing the current state of the program, we believe that the majority of the work and effort would need to be put into building a consistent feeder system at the youth level if the program was ever to return to varsity status. We will be making some of these decisions in the foreseeable future.We would like to thank all the administrators and coaches from the Little Ten Conference who graciously accepted us into the league in 2008 as a Varsity Program. They have been very gracious and supportive in our effort. We would also like to thank the Maine Principal Association for its support and guidance.We would especially like to thank Coach Ian Pratt for bringing football to Calais High School and everything else he has done for the program.