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UMaine Cheerleading With High Hopes For National Competition

Updated 3 years ago

The spotlight on campus right now in Orono happens to be on the UMaine cheerleading team. They’re just getting settled into Daytona Beach, Florida where they’ll compete in the National College Cheer and Dance Championships tomorrow. The team recently held an open practice to show off their routine. Nick Coit actually the chance to stop by, and he says this squad is definitely ready to bring it on!

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Unemployment Fraud Bill Nears Final Approval

Updated 3 years ago

A bill aimed at cracking down on unemployment fraud is near final approval in Augusta.The house joined the senate in approving the bill, which includes a “three strikes and you’re out” clause for repeated fraudulent claims.Majority republicans say the bill strengthens Maine’s unemployment laws and will reduce fraud, but democrats say the bill will reduce benefits to unemployed maine workers.They are upset over a provision they say delays unemployment benefits until after laid-off employees have used up their vacation time.

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Discussion Continues On Proposed Juniper Ridge Landfill Expansion

Updated 3 years ago

It was a packed house in Old Town Wednesday night, as the Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner met with the Juniper Ridge Landfill Advisory Committee, to discuss operations.The Commissioner, Patricia Aho listened to comments and suggestions from residents and committee members, about concerns regarding the landfill and possible expansion.The landfill is currently state owned, and operated by Massachusetts-based Casella Waste Systems INC.The biggest concerns were the public benefit determination of the landfill, as well as how waste is being processed in maine and whether that means waste is being dumped in maine from out-of-state.Another concern seemed to be what the landfill could ultimately do to the environment, others were upset that Aho may have been lackluster at answering questions regarding the public benefit.Both sides will continue to discuss operations, and what a possible expansion could mean.

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Mitchell Resigns as Chairperson of RSU 26 Board of Directors

Updated 3 years ago

The chairperson of the RSU 26 board of directors has resigned.Alison Mitchell submitted her letter of resignation today, saying she has been “attacked and undermined from many directions”.Mitchell goes on to say that she was a supporter of the formation of the RSU, but has since come to the conclusion that it would be in the best interest of all three towns to disband from the RSU.Veazie and Glenburn residents recently approved a plan to create a withdrawal committee.Wayne Scott will take over Mitchell’s position.Scott was elected to the board earlier this year and was already set to take over Mitchell’s seat when her term ended in June.

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Town and Country Foods Inc. Recall Beef Products

Updated 3 years ago

A Maine company is recalling over 2,000 pounds of ground and tenderized beef products.Town and Country Foods Inc. are recalling the products due to a possible E. coli contamination.The following products are subject to recall: 5 & 10 lb. boxes of 2, 2.6, 3, and 4 oz. “Town & Country Foods XL Hamburg Patties” 5 & 10 lb. boxes of 2, 2.6, 3, and 4 oz. “Town & Country Foods Hamburg Patties” 10 lb. box containing variously weighted bags of “Town & Country Beef for Stewing” 6, 8, and 10 oz. “Town & Country Beef Sirloin Filets” 5 & 10 lb. boxes containing variously weighted bags of “Town and Country Hamburg” 5 & 10 lb. boxes containing variously weighted bags of “Town and Country XL Hamburg”Each package has a label with the establishment number EST. 9710 inside the USDA mark of inspection.The products subject to recall were produced between April 4th and April 10th and were shipped to wholesale and retail establishments in Maine.

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UMaine-Farmington Women’s Lacrosse Beats Husson

Tim Throckmorton

Updated 3 years ago

The UMaine-Farmington womens lacrosse team looking pretty good against Husson. Marissa Hanning with the ball outside the circle and then she makes her move. Hanning finds a lane and then bounces one in the net. The Beavers win this one today, 11-6.

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Husson Softball Sweeps University of New England

Tim Throckmorton

Updated 3 years ago

The Husson softball team playing the University of New England in a doubleheader. Husson with a threat in the first game. Victoria Overlock with the single to right. Lona Sargent comes in to score.Husson won both games today, 7-5 and 8-4.

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Calais-Woodland Will Not Field Football Next Season

Tim Throckmorton

Updated 3 years ago

Calais-Woodland has suspended its varsity football program because of low numbers. The Silverados have been a varsity team for just four years. They put together a 15-21 record over that time, including a 2008 playoff appearance. But they were just 1-7 last fall. A lot of the starters from last season hinted that they weren’t going to play this fall, so that was going to leave the team with just a few upperclassman.The Calais-Woodland program as a whole was started six years ago by Ian Pratt. He coached the team and was their major torch bearer. Here’s reaction today from the voice of the Little Ten Conference, Mike Archer.

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Legistators Toughen Teen Driving Rules

Updated 3 years ago

A key legislative committee has approved a bill that toughens rules regarding teenage drivers and boosts penalties for irresponsible driving.Tuesday, the Legislature’s Transportation Committee approved the bill that extends the period of restrictions on intermediate driver licenses and adds fines and suspensions for drivers who violate those restrictions.It also increases the minimum fine for texting while driving for all drivers, from $100 to $250. The bill now moves to the full Legislature.

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Purple Up to Support Military Children

Updated 3 years ago

April is “Month of the Military Child”, and organizations want you to purple up.Purple is the color symbolizing all branches of the military. It mixes army green, coast guard blue, air force blue, marine red and navy blue. There are purple shirts you can buy. All of the money raised will help send military kids to summer camp.The goal is to help make things a little easier for military families.Purple up day is Friday.The shirt’s cost ten dollars. You can buy them at Leadbetter’s on Outer Hammond St. in Bangor.

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Rep. Michaud Tours Corinna Factory Making First of Their Kind Wallets

Updated 3 years ago

Inside a Corinna factory, Maine manufacturers are at work making a kind of wallet you can’t pick up just anywhere. It’s something Congressman Mike Michaud wanted to see himself.”The product they make here is a unique product. They customize certain products for certain customers and that niche actually has helped them tremendously,” said Rep. Michaud.The company is called The Perfect Fit because it makes wallets that fit badges for law enforcement agencies perfectly. Now it’s offering an add-on to its wallets that helps protect against identity theft. A metal-based fiber is sewn inside to prevent card readers from lifting personal information from cards you store in your wallet.”It was just like, why can’t I just add that and offer that to police officers and anyone that carries a badge, add this barrier in there for security and now they’re protected,” explained Michael Levesque, the owner of Perfect Fit.Congressman Michaud says the uniqueness of the product is what will allow the Perfect Fit to compete with other manufacturing companies overseas. It’s companies like this one that Michaud wants to let others in congress know about.”I think the more elected officials and regulators in those positions of having an effect on commerce in the United States get to see facilities such as the Perfect Fit, the more we can keep that in mind as we move forward with legislation both at federal as well as the state level,” said Michaud.Because if companies like this all around America are competitive in the manufacturing industry, then our country will be too.

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Bangor Salvation Army Low on Donations

Updated 3 years ago

It’s the time where many of us are doing some spring cleaning and when you might be thinking of getting rid of things you don’t use anymore.The Salvation Army is hoping you’ll donate those things instead of throwing them away.The Family Store on Broadway in Bangor is low on donations right now.While they’re always looking for clothing donations, they want to make sure you know they accept all sorts of items from electronics to furniture to toys.”Usually the spring is a bit slow, but we have had far fewer donations then we usually do, so that’s really having an impact on what we have in our store to help raise money for our social services that we do in the community,” said Captain Tim Clark, the core officer for the Bangor Salvation Army. The money raised from sales in the store helps fund programs like the Salvation Army’s soup kitchens and other social work.The store accepts donations seven days a week. On Monday through Saturday there’s someone there to take your donations from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. On Sunday, the store isn’t open, but you can drop off items from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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Day 3 in Triple-Murder Trial: Jurors Watch Recorded Police Interview with Thayne Ormsby

Updated 3 years ago

Jurors spent the final hours of Wednesday’s court proceedings watching a recording of a police interview with Thayne Ormsby.Ormsby is charged with the stabbing deaths of Jeffrey Ryan, 55, Ryan’s son Jesse, 10, and Jason Dehahn, 30. The murders took place in Amity in June 2010. Maine State Police detectives met with Ormsby in Dover, New Hampshire, where they say he traveled following the murders.Ormsby sat down with detectives, willingly, at the Dover Police Department. The prosecution told jurors that the first hour and a half of the video consisted of conversation regarding Ormsby’s life, including his work history, friends and family.The portion played for the jury began with the detectives questioning Ormsby about his relationship with Jeffrey Ryan. Ormsby said he had only met Ryan twice, and that he had last seen him two weeks before the murders.Ormsby said he had also never met Dehahn.But then the detective pressed him, pointing out various inconsistencies with some of his earlier statements to police.  He told Ormsby they found three beer bottles matching his, Ryan’s and Dehahn’s fingerprints inside Ryan’s home the morning after the murders. The detective said there is no way those bottles sat there for two weeks.Ormsby then admitted to being at Ryan’s home and meeting Dehahn. At one point during the questioning, Ormsby said, ‘I know you want the truth, but I’m going to have to plead the fifth.’The detective said to Ormsby, ‘You must have a lot of weight on your shoulders.’ Ormsby agreed.Towards the end of the video clip, Ormsby told detectives, ‘I don’t want a media mess. I don’t want my name in the papers…because I know this makes it to news.’The video was stopped shortly after that, but the jury is expected to hear the rest Thursday, after which prosecution said they may rest their case.

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Mid-Maine Chamber Hosts Business to Business Showcase

Updated 3 years ago

Businesses from all over Central Maine came to the Alfond Center in Waterville Wednesday afternoon. The Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual Business-to-Business showcase.118 businesses packed the building. Organizers say it’s a great opportunity for local businesses to network with one another and show off a bit. “Highlight who you are and what you do,” said Christian Savage of the Mid-Maine Chamber. “Try to network with other professionals in the area. Really create relationships business to business.”The event also featured a marketing roundtable forum and a college internship fair. You can find more information on the Mid-Maine Chamber’s website: midmainechamber.com

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“Tooth Ferrry” Pulls into Machias Promoting Healthy Teeth

Updated 3 years ago

A unique van rolled into Rose M. Gaffney school in Machias, it’s the “tooth ferry.”It focuses on healthy teeth through a partnership with the NYU College of Dentistry.” Initially we were seeing kids with a significant amount of decay. The children’s program is able to continue the care of kids in between the visits that NYU does,” said Oral Health Coordinator for Washington County Children’s Program, Teresa Alley.They will make their fourth trip to Machias. The Washington County Children’s Program has already seen the benefits, they say the last screening of pre-k and kindergarten showed no signs of tooth decay.” Something historically we haven’t seen. We’ve been visiting this school for 13 years and have been alarmed at the amount of tooth decay,” said Alley.The school’s principal has seen a change too.” We’ve even noticed with kids that have had fears in the past of going to the dentist, that type of thing, they get down there and are treated so well and they get use to it year after year,” said Rose M. Gaffney Principal, Mitchell Look.Something the kids can smile about.” I like to get my teeth brushed. It’s because you don’t want to get any cavities,” said dental patient, Aidden Hayward.NYU’s ultimate goal is to reduce the rate of decay by fifty percent.The clinic will return to the Lee Pellon Center in Machias on April 29th through May 5th. They will be closed Thursday the third.The event is open to any Washington County resident having trouble accessing dental care.

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Construction Expo Kicks Off In Augusta

Updated 3 years ago

The state’s largest construction trade show kicked off in Augusta Wednesday. The 32nd annual Construction Expo of Maine got underway at the Augusta Civic Center.Close to 200 exhibitors showed up to show off the latest in construction equipment. The event is sponsored by the National Association of Women in Construction. All the money they take in from vendors goes toward scholarships for students looking to enter the construction field. The show continues Thursday from 8:00-4:00.

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Thieves Steal Cash Register In Waterville Convenience Store Burglary

Updated 3 years ago

Waterville Police are investigating an early morning burglary at a convenience store where the burglars made off with the store’s cash register.Waterville Detective Sergeant Michael Benecke said the thieves struck around 2:00 Wednesday morning. Benecke said at least two people broke in to the College Quick Stop on the West River Road in Waterville and stole the cash register off the counter.Benecke says the burglars smashed the glass on the front door to get in and got away with a significant amount of cash. Waterville Police Investigating Convenience Store BurglaryPolice are still trying to determine if the same people are responsible for a similar burglary that happened Tuesday morning at the Dunkin Donuts on College Avenue.Anyone with information is asked to call the Waterville Police at 680-4700.

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Milo Town Manager Resigns

Updated 3 years ago

Milo’s town manager has resigned. TV 5 News has learned Jeff Gahagan submitted his letter of resignation last Friday, saying he had some personal issues to deal with and would no longer be able to serve the town of Milo. District Attorney Chris Almy tells TV 5 Gahagan also resigned as treasurer of the local Kiwanis Club. Almy says there are no charges against Gahagan at this time, but there could be in the future. Milo’s police chief tells TV 5 the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Office is handling any investigation into Gahagan. We have a call into the lieutenant handling the case.

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Broken Utility Pole Causes Delays On Bennoch Road

Updated 3 years ago

Drivers should expect delays on Bennoch Road. A broken utility pole has closed down the roadway between Gould Street and Stillwater Avenue.Due to the broken pole, the light at the intersection of Bennoch Road and Stillwater is not working.

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Two People Arrested after Reported Assault Involving Ax and Butcher Knife

Updated 3 years ago

Police arrested two people after a Farmington man says they attacked him an ax and a butcher knife.Brian Sweeney, 31, and Shari Dupree, 31, are charged with burglary and aggravated assault. Farmington’s deputy police chief tells TV 5 the homeowner awoke to a tapping on his window and the window was smashed. A fight reportedly began on the yard, between the victim and the two suspects. We’re told somehow an ax and a butcher knife became involved. The three had reportedly been arguing earlier in the day. No one was seriously hurt and police do not expect there to be any additional charges.

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