Old Town Students Teach their Teachers About Technology 

When the bell rang at the end of the day on Tuesday at Old Town High School, it was time for a role reversal. “They’re the students and we’re the teachers,” explained Dustin Sinclair, a junior at Old Town High School.The students prepared an “Amazing Race” style professional development event for their teachers. All of the tasks focused on technology.”It gets the teachers involved with technology because I know a lot of them really don’t know a whole lot about how to use like even their laptops. They use it daily but they don’t really know what’s going on,” said junior Nathan Reeves.The teachers competed in teams, completing different tasks the students had organized. “They’ve now realized it’s not quite as easy to make activities up for students,” said technology teacher Kimberly Saucier who came up with the idea for the event.The teachers were the ones doing the real learning because they were forced to use websites, applications and tools their students know better than they do. “I hope that overall they learn from this, which is strange to talk about, teaching your teachers is kind of a strange concept, but everybody can learn,” said sophomore Emma Betterly-Dow.The team of teachers with the quickest time won. But the students hope all the teachers who competed will be able to take away a better knowledge of technology that they can put to use in their classrooms.