91 Schools Compete in Maine State Math Meet 

Students from 91 schools around Maine competed in the State Math Meet on Tuesday. Each school brought a team of ten students to the Bangor Auditorium to test their math skills.Their knowledge of everything from arithmetic to pre-calculus was challenged both individally and as teams. The students were only allowed to use calculators in the final team round.They came prepared though, having practiced for the competition all year long. “Every single day our instructor basically asks us to work on the math team problems on the side and obviously we have academics to deal with as well, but during that entire time we also practice with math team problems in the packets,” said Andy Chen, a junior at Bangor High School.”These are smart kids. These are your best math students across the state of Maine. There are some 900 students out there working hard on these problems. These are the students that will go on to be your engineers, your mathmaticians, your tech experts,” said Brian Twitchell, a co-coordinator for the meet and a math teacher at Mt. Abram High School.At the end of the day, the top scoring teams and individual students were given trophies and of course, bragging rights of being one of the best in the state.