Senior Watch April 9, 2012 

Amy Cotton – Geriatric Nurse Practitioner at EMHS – senior wellness expert talks about “Springtime Cleaning”Springtime Cleaning – Don’t Forget to do a Safety SweepWhy: A major cause of illness and preventable injuries in older community members are related to Medications and Falls. Certain medications result in most emergency room visits for older Americans, including diabetes medication and blood thinners. The #1 cause of accident-related deaths in persons over 65 are a result of injuries related to falls. Tips: Spring is great time to remind folks of tips to promote wellness and safety:• Clean out the medicine closet • Schedule that annual visit to your health care provider• Do a safety sweep INSIDE your home – cluttered pathways can lead to falls, change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, replace light bulbs• Do a safety sweep OUTSIDE your home – Check for winter damage to stairs, railings, frost heaves making uneven pavement or lawn surfacesFor folks who live alone, think about options for improving your safety net like: Telecare – a free daily telephone reassurance program for local calling area in BangorLifeline – emergency response help button program. Get peace of mind for yourself or a loved one that help is only a push button away if needed (fire, ambulance, police as well as convenient contact for family members) ***Rosscare Healthcare Charities 3rd Annual Antique Appraisal Show Saturday, April 28 10am to 2pm at Dirigo Pines Retirement Community in Orono. All proceeds will benefit Rosscare’s emergency response help button program for low income seniors in our community that otherwise could not afford this important safety service. Maine Appraisers : Bruce A. Buxton, Beth Turner (no items bought or sold at event to ensure unbiased appraisals) $10 for 1, $18 for 2, & $25 for 3 items. FOR MORE INFORMATION on any of the information: 973-7094 or