Passy River Race With Same Name, Different Course 

Terry Wescott of Thorndike, along with Zachary Murray and Ben Randall in kayak number five, starting things off here!The water was very flat in many places, there’s your overall winner today, Jeff Sands from Bangor, cruisin’ along.Paddlers had to be more careful of rocks this year. Dan Merrill from Stockton Springs and Al Beeson from Bucksport making sure they’re looking ahead.The rapids tough to navigate because the water was so low. Clayton Cole and Justin Wardwell squeezing through here.Bowdoin’s Brad and Dawn Krog also making their way through carefully.The biggest challenge was the course change.Paddlers had to turn around after 2 1/2 miles and paddle upstream, like Orono’s Gordon and Fiona Hamilton.Then, competitors had to go through a portage area and head back the way they came!Mitchell Bartlett and Kenneth Winiarski taking their canoe out.Chip Loring and Ander Thibaud heading back toward the water.It was a tough race this year, but the paddlers toughing it out, congrats to all those who participated today!