Public Vote Could Land Bangor Humane Society in National Challenge 

A national competition could win the Bangor Humane Society $100,000.Before they can collect, though, they need your help to become a contestant.Right now, the shelter is in the qualifying round for the ASPCA Rachel Ray $100,000 Challenge.Starting Thursday, you can vote online for them to be one of 50 final contestants.If they move on, they’ll take part in a 3 month challenge to find as many homes as possible for their animals.Staff at the shelter say winning would help offset the cost of their pricier services, as well as help them grow.”We’re getting a lot more special needs cases when they’re requiring more vet surgeries and expensive vet care, so that can definitely be part of what we can use that funding for. But we also have some big dreams as far as expanding our spay-neuter initiatives, our off site adoptions,” said Stacey Coventry, Public Relations Manager at the shelter.If you’d like to help the shelter become a finalist in the challenge, you can vote for them tomorrow online at Your text to link…Voting ends April 16.