You Have a Better Chance at Dating a Supermodel Than Winning Mega Millions Jackpot 

You’ve bought your ticket, or tickets, now all you have to do is wait until 11pm Friday to see if you’re a half–billionaire. You’re going to need a lot of luck. It’s the biggest jackpot in history, $640,000,0000 annuitized, and before taxes. A lot of people are excited about the chance to win all that money, but to return us all back down to reality, we spoke with a statistician who says, for the most part, we have no chance of winning. ” In fact, you’re 35,000 times more likely to hit a hole-in-one, you’re 265 times more likely to win an Olympic medal on average, 76 times more likely to be hit by lightening, 9 times more likely to be canonized, you have a better chance of becoming a saint, and my personal favorite is, you’re 2000 times more likely to date a super model than win the Mega Millions jackpot,” said Craig Mason, professor Education and Applied Quantitative Methods at the University of Maine. The odds are stacked against us all, but the fact still remains, you can’t win if you don’t play. Tickets are being sold until 9:50 Friday night. The winning numbers will be drawn at 11 Friday night on TV 5. Good luck!