Bangor Kids Hopping for a Good Cause 

You’re usually not encouraged to jump up and down at school, but that’s exactly what some kids in Bangor were doing on Friday. If you’re going to spend the morning hopping, you might as well get some help from an expert. ” It’s the Easter Bunny,” said a student at Parkside Children’s Learning Center in Bangor. ” That’s what bunnies do, they hop,” added Lisa Janicki, a pre-kindergarten teacher at the learning center. The children at Parkside Children’s Learning Center in Bangor are jumping up and down to help out other kids. ‘ To raise money for the hospital and help people get better,” said Emily, one of the students who was hopping. Parents pledge money and the kids get hopping. It’s all to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. ” A little bit can go a long way to help these families for treatment and anything they may need as far as wheelchairs for their kids and stuff like that,” said Robyn Gallant, office manager at the learning center. After just a few minutes the kids seem to have the hang of things. It’s a quick exercise that’s making a big difference. It’s something the kids and the Easter Bunny are “hoppy” to help with.