Weight Watchers Easter Tips 

Easter brings with it lots of candy…and a reminder not to overindulge.Jackie Conn shares strategies for enjoying Easter treats, and has a recipe of the season you might want to try.Easter Strategies:1. Start with your desired outcome in mind2. Avoid extremes – too hungry/overly full3. When temptation threatens to overwhelm, picture yourself looking good in your favorite summer attire4. No matter what happens, there is always “damage control”Easter Chocolate CrispiesA great one to make with the kids.Place 5oz milk chocolate squares in a pan with 1 1/2oz polyunsaturated margarine and 1 tbsp light molasses. Warm gently and stir until melted. Stir in 1 3/4oz puffed rice cereal. Spoon into 12 paper cases, shaping into nests. Leave to set for 1 hour then fill each with 3 Cadbury’s mini eggs.