Man Facing Multiple Charges After Leading Police On Chase 

Waterville Police were lead on a high speed chase Thursday afternoon.We’re told 30 year old Joshua Elliott peeled out in front of an officer in Downtown Waterville.When the officer tried to pull him over, Elliott sped off.Police called off the pursuit when the chase got too close to hospitals and schools.But Waterville police caught up with Elliott a short time later on a rural county road.Police threw down a spike mat, but Elliott swerved, missing the spikes.Officers backed off once again when the chase reached speeds of 80 miles per hour.But Elliott still didn’t get away.State Police caught up with him in Fairfield.After he wrecked his car there, he tried to run away, but was caught.Elliott has been charged with driving with a suspended license and elluding an officer.He was released on $2500 dollars bail.