Former Head of The Acadia Hospital Resigns from Minnesota Job 

The former head of The Acadia Hospital is no longer CEO of Minnesota Security Hospital. David Proffitt resigned from Acadia in April after two years on the job. He resigned his position in Minnesota after being investigated for issues related to the work environment. Anne Barry, Minnesota’s DHS Deputy Commissioner, says claims that Proffitt engaged in any harassment, retaliation, or created a hostile work environment were unsubstantiated. However enough concerns were raised and it is believed to be in the best interests of Minnesota Security Hospital and its patients to change leadership. Proffitt will remain as a consultant for three months. ” Although we believe Mr. Proffitt was fully committed to moving in a direction that would remove the condition on our license at Minnesota Security Hospital and that he is dedicated to high quality patient care, he was unable to build the level of trust with staff needed to foster the environment necessary for the very significant changes that need to occur,” said Barry. In Bangor, The Acadia Hospital was fined $11,000 when Proffitt was CEO for failing to provide a safe workplace.