MPBN Has Their Say On Proposed Budget Cuts 

Public hearings continued Wednesday on Governor LePage’s controversial supplemental budget proposal.LePage’s proposal contains a number of cuts, including cuts to general assistance and Maine Public Broadcasting. Wednesday afternoon the Appropriations Committee will hear from the head of MPBN.This is the second time LePage has tried to eliminate all the public funding for MPBN.During the last session lawmakers trimmed around $200,000 from MPBN’s budget. It looks like that trend may continue despite the objections of democrats. “I think quite frankly at the end of the day what we’re probably going to start looking at is a process where we will probably try to continually decline funding over a period of time,” said Newport Republican Ken Fredette. “Establish a baseline for MPBN. But doing that over a period of time so everybody can make the adjustment.” Representative John Martin of Eagle Lake says a great deal of people in rural areas depend on MPBN. “I personally do not support the approach,” Martin said Wednesday. “We had come to a solution about a month and a half ago. And here it is and here we go again. But this has been typical of what the governor has done. Presenting us some of the same issues over and over again hoping that we’ll cave.”Public hearings on the governor’s proposed budget will wrap up Thursday.