11th Annual Nursing Summit Comes To Augusta 

A nurses summit was held in Augusta Wednesday, marking the 11th year for the event, which lets nurses learn from each other.More then 300 nurses from all over Maine descended on the Augusta Civic Center. Lisa Harvey-Mcpherson, Vice President of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems was one of the nurses in attendance. “Today, we’re looking at how we can transform nursing for the future of healthcare delivery,” she said.The nurses who come here learn about new innovative ideas and techniques being implemented at other hospitals in the state. In many cases, they bring those ideas back to their own hospitals. “It’s really some of the projects that hospitals are doing. Homecare is doing. Long term care is doing. Education is doing,” says Donna Deblois of Pen Bay Healthcare.More than 40 displays showed how each part of the nursing profession is growing. “For example how nurses can enter in to geriatric nursing practice and partner with acadia hospital to provide behavioral healthcare,” Harvey-Mcpherson said. “You’ll see how we’re partnering with our nursing homes to care for our seniors across the state.”Allyson Koenig’s display is designed to help recent nursing school graduates better understand what it’s like to care for veterans who may be suffering from things like post traumatic stress. “They started this group to help new nurses with difficulties that they’re facing,” Koenig said. “How do I talk to the doctor? How do i deal with family members? It gives us certain tools that nursing school didn’t necessarily equip us with.”Organizers of the summit say it’s the peer-to-peer relationships that make this event so successful. “That’s absolutely what we hope for. Because we learn better by learning from our peers.”