Update: Pilot Makes Emergency Landing In Belfast 

A Cessna air plane had to make an emergency landing on Route 52 in Belfast around 8PM Tuesday.Nathan Jordan, 31, of the Ellsworth area was the pilot instructor who made the safe landing. He had a 17-year-old student with him. We’re told they were going to fly from Bar Harbor to Portland when the plane started to experience some engine and electrical problems.The instructor then took over, attempting to land the plane at the Belfast Municipal Airport.He didn’t quite make it, but was able to dodge some power lines and land safely on Route 52.We’re told no one was hurt.”He did a remarkable job, really, landing the plane. He actually went under some of the power lines, he scraped several trees on the way, he started losing pieces of the plane as he went and eventually he hit a telephone pole with his right wing, which ended up ripping the wing off and causing the plane to go upside down,” said Belfast Chief of Police, Mike McFadden.According to the FAA website the plane’s registered owner is JEJ Leasing LLC out of Bangor.