Jury Finds Orono Woman Guilty of Assaulting her Infant Son 

Before jurors found 24-year-old Lynn Crossman guilty of assaulting her infant son they heard her side of the story, which painted a much different picture of what happened on November 6th 2010.”We believe her story has been consistent the whole time,” said Defense Attorney Steve Smith.Crossman testified she smacked her son after he kicked his brother in the face days before.But an Orono police officer testified Monday that Crossman admitted to hitting her son on November 6th because she was having an argument with her parents on the phone and he wouldn’t stop crying.The child suffered a broken leg.”She told us, she told Detective Whitehouse, she told Karen Dawson back on November 6th, 2010, that she hit that child the morning of November 6th, 2010,” said Assistant District Attorney Alice Clifford who prosecuted the case.Crossman said she did not recall any of that.Smith says caregivers who looked after crossman’s son should have been called to the stand.”There were two witnesses who were caring for this child in the two days prior while my client was at work, full time at work and the state never bothered to interview those folks. We believe that’s a critical lapse in the investigation,” he added.But the jury found the evidence in the case pointed to Crossman.”I think that this proves the system works, the jury took this case very seriously, they considered all of the evidence in front of them,” Clifford said.Despite the verdict, Smith says Crossman is a good mother who loves both of her children.”This is a person who’s caught up in the system and frankly doesn’t understand it,” Smith said.The defense plans to appeal in hopes of getting the justice they believe Crossman deserves.Crossman faces up to 5 years in prison and up to a 5 thousand dollar fine when she’s sentenced.Since her arrest, she’s been released on bail.