Trial Begins for Orono Woman Accused of Breaking Her Infant Son’s Leg 

The trial of an Orono woman accused of breaking her child’s leg two years ago began Monday in Bangor.24-year-old Lynn Crossman was charged with aggravated assault after her then 9-month-old son suffered a broken leg.The state’s first witness pediatrician Dr. Kathryn Rutledge testified Crossman told doctors her son rolled off of a bed on November 3rd, 2010.Dr. Rutledge testified that Crossman noticed swelling from the fall but waited three days when the swelling became severe to take her son to the emergency room.But Dr. Rutledge says the bruises on his leg, including a handprint and bruises on his face, were not consistent with Crossman’s story.The state’s second witness was Orono police officer Andrew Whitehouse who says Crossman confessed to hitting her son two or three times after she had gotten into an argument with her parents over the phone while her son was crying.During cross examination, the defense asked Whitehouse if he had interviewed the child’s father who was the one watching the boy the day Crossman took him to the hospital.Whitehouse said he didn’t because he thought Crossman’s confession was reason enough to charge her.The defense meanwhile called to the stand two men who lived with Crossman, her fiance and her two sons. One of them said they never saw Crossman yell at her children but neither lived with the family at the time when the little boy was injured.The trial will resume Tuesday morning and is expected to conclude in the afternoon.As far as possible jailtime Crossman can face, that will be up to the judge.