Bangor’s Irish Pubs Start St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Early 

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Bangor doesn’t have as much to do with luck as it does with timing. Whether you’re heading to Paddy Murphy’s downtown or further up Main Street to Geaghan’s Pub, you’ll find these holiday favorites are packed all day long. Like every St. Patrick’s day since the pub opened, Paddy Murphy’s was open before sunrise. “We had a line out the door at 6:00 AM, we flashed the lights, everybody got their Guinnesses right on time and had a blast. We’ve been steady ever since,” said Andy Day, manager at Paddy Murphy’s.Geaghan’s opens at 7 o’clock every morning and St. Patrick’s Day is no different, except for all of those customers wearing funny green hats.”We have people coming from all over the state to come in and be here for St. Patrick’s Day. So that’s what’s different, most of the year it’s our friends from Bangor and we know everybody and it’s our regulars. But on St. Patrick’s Day it’s a new set of regulars. They’re here every year,” said Andrew Geaghan, front of the house manager at Geaghan’s.Once customers arrive at these St. Patrick’s Day hotspots, they stay for a while. It doesn’t even matter if they’re Irish.”Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. We wear it to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s the cause,” said Phil and Erin Deroo of Bangor, who arrived at Paddy Murphy’s at 5:30 AM.All of these custumers wearing green means these Irish businesses are bringing in the green. “For us, it’s huge, it’s our biggest day of the year. We pretty much have it down to a science now, but it’s nuts regardless,” said Andy Day about Paddy Murphy’s.Andrew Geaghan said, “There are a lot more people, a lot more people wearing green, and a lot more people pretending to be Irish, but other than that we do what we do, we’re an Irish pub because we’re an Irish family.”And as St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, it’s hard to find a reason not to celebrate, whether you can follow your ancestry back to Ireland or if you just like wearing green.