Following Filing Deadlines for Maine June Primary Ballot, Both Parties Prepare 

The deadline for candidates seeking to appear on Maine’s June primary ballot has come and gone.Six republicans and four democrats are vying for Senator Olympia Snowe’s job, after she announced her departure last month.Former Independent Governor Angus King also announced he’s a candidate, though he and other independents don’t have to turn in their signatures until June. ” I certainly think if you look at the entire 2012 cycle it means probably first and foremost there is going to be a lot more attention focused on Maine from outside the state. There will be a lot of people nationally and perhaps even internationally,” said Associate Professor of Political Science, Mark Brewer.Mark Brewer is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Maine. He believes the state will see mostly benefits from the extra attention.” Election spending rather you are a fan of heavy spending on elections or rather you’re an opponent of heaving spending on elections, at the very least it’s an economic boost for the state,” said Brewer.Brewer says the democrats may have a slight edge in this election, being a presidential one he expects more democratic voters to turn out on election day.” I think you’re going to see an intense and enormous amount of enthusiasm from democrats as we head toward a November ballot. It’s not just going to be about President Obama and the Congressional seats. I think here in Maine this year the real excitement is going to be at the local level,” said Maine House Democratic Leader, Emily Cain.But the republicans won’t go without a fight, after regaining power from democrats for forty years.” We made a big effort to recruit candidates for every seat and there’s a lot of support for what we’ve begun, the process of doing here in Maine and I’m enthusiastic. I think it shows the governor’s agenda is well received in Maine,” said Republican Party Chairman, Charles Webster.