Maine Children’s Book Author Visits Bangor Elementary School 

It’s not every day you get to meet someone whose name you normally only see on a book cover. ” She’s staying here for the whole day,” said Brennan, a first grade student at the Vine Street School. ” She’s gonna teach us about writing and how to write a good story,” added Gillian McCarthy, a third grade student at the school. Lynn Plourde is spending a day and a half with the kids at the Vine Street School. She’s the brains behind a lot of books the kids really like. ” Pigs in the Mud,” exclaimed Jillian Nason, a first grader. ” Dinosaur Pets,” said Brennan with a big smile. Plourde is helping the students celebrate books. ” And let them know that anybody can write a book and we all have that potential to write books and read books,” said Tim McCluskey, principal of Vine Street School. Plourde is also giving the kids a crash course in writing stories. ” They need to pay attention to story patterns, parts that repeat over and over again. If they find that in stories that they read, then maybe they can begin to use patters in the stories they write,” said Plourde. For the kids, it’s an exciting way to learn. ” Then you’ll get better at writing,” said Brennan. ” I feel that if I meet someone I might get inspired to do something,” added McCarthy. Inspiration is the goal. A way for a grown up Maine author to inspire the next generation of writers. If you would like to learn more about Lynn Plourde, click here.