Former State Lawmaker Pleads Guilty to Criminal Threatening Charges 

A former state lawmaker accused of pulling a loaded gun on a news photographer reached a plea deal with the state Thursday.Fifty-nine-year-old Frederick Wintle of Garland agreed to plead guilty to criminal threatening charges.He’ll serve 45 days in jail and could face more time behind bars if he fails to obey court orders set forth for the next year.Police say Wintle pulled a gun on a man in a Waterville parking lot last May.Wintle stepped down from the House of Representatives in September.Wintle’s attorney told TV5 Wintle suffered a mental breakdown that led to the incident. In court Thursday the illness was described as zombie like characteristics.” I regret what I did. I want to apologize to my constituents, my family and anybody that I might have hurt. I regret my actions, I stand to make it as right as I’m able to. I appreciate the support of my family,” said Defendant, Frederick Wintle.” I don’t believe in an eye for an eye. I’m not out for vengeance. What happened, happened. It is what it is. He obviously had reasons for why it happened. I’m happy he actually exercised a moment of clear thought and not pull the trigger,” said Victim, Michael Seamans.Wintle will begin serving his time next month.