LePage To Reward Business Friendly Cities & Towns 

Governor LePage announced a new program to recognize cities and towns in Maine that his administration deems business friendly.The “Certified Business Friendly Community Program” was announced at the Blaine House on Tuesday.Communities that apply, and are selected, get formal state recognition including an “Open for Business” sign to be displayed in their city or town. They’ll also get extra points in applying for community development block grants.LePage says it’s an attempt to get state and local government working with businesses not against them. “It’s the maze people face in having to go to a local community and having to get through that bureaucracy, come to the state get through that bureaucracy, and then deal with the federal and try to get through that bureaucracy,” LePage said. “All we’re trying to do is get the community and the state working in the right direction.”For more information about the program, or to apply, you can call the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development at 624-9813