Student Work Fills Store at Bangor Mall 

For the first wave of Sunday morning mall shoppers, it wasn’t the usual storefronts that caught their eye, but the makings of one that seems to have turned window shopping into an art. The Bangor Mall directory will have an expanded collection for the next couple weeks, as this space will be home to the art work of students from more than fifty schools from around the state.”It’s a way to share with the community what we do. It’s a rich opportunity to see the whole range from early, early to ready to go off to college student work,” said Kal Elmore, an art teacher in Bangor who helped bring the works to the mall.The exhibit is dubbed Art in the Heart, and has become a bit of tradition for veteran teachers, like Elmore, as well as new ones, like former student Sylvia Herbold, who used to come to admire her own work.”I remember going with my parents and it was really fun. You know, you feel a little bit famous,” said Herbold.While every piece hanging on her board and throughout the room is different, what they aim to display is the same.”We think art is really important. So, we work very hard to find ways to remind the community that what we do is really relevant and pertinent and crucial,” said Elmore.It’s a message they’ve conveyed through the art of a store window, but they hope stays etched in the minds of the shoppers passing by.