Senator Olympia Snowe Talks about Decision to Leave Senate 

On Tuesday, Senator Olympia Snowe surprised many people when she announced she would not be running for re-election. Friday morning, Snowe held a press conference to talk about her decision. Snowe says her choice to not run has been a difficult one that she only made very recently.She says she’s frustrated with partisan politics and says we need to return to an era of civility in government. Snowe says she’ll draw on the lessons she’s learned in 34 years on Capitol Hill to try and figure out what will be a useful and effective way to bring change. ” Many times people would ask me the question, do you think it’s gonna change? And secondly, can the change come from within or from without . And I’m thinking currently it has to come from on the outside and the American people have to demand it and insist on it and how can I affect that change and accelerate momentum for that change is something that I will be thinking about in the days to come. Clearly it’s essential it’s a prerequisite for the greater good of this country,” said Snowe.Snowe didn’t say much about her future plans, but when asked if an elected office is something she’s considering.. She said not at this point… But that we’ll still be hearing from her.