Gold Medalist Seth Wescott Helps Colby College Celebrate Mentor Program 

Students at Colby College celebrated a special anniversary Friday. All they needed was a group of local kids and one olympic gold medalist.For those gathered on the school’s Waterville campus, Thursday’s snowstorm was just what the doctor ordered to help them celebrate the 10-th anniversary of “Colby Cares About Kids”.That program has 379 Colby students mentoring kids from all over central Maine. To celebrate the occasion, kids were invited to campus for a day of sledding. Many of the Colby mentors in the program had mentors of their own growing up. So they know how valuable that guidance can be. “These mentors played sports with me, hung out with me, helped me with my math homework,” said Colby sophomore Matt Carroll. “I’m a math major now so I can attribute tat to my mentor. So maybe I can help my mentee.”An Olympic champion also joined the festivities. Gold medal winning snowboarder Seth Wescott, whose father was the cross country coach at Colby when he was a kid. Wescott says his visit brought back some memories. “Actually the first time I was on a snowboard was right here,” Wescott said pointing at the famous hill near the Colby College President’s house. “At the time President Cotter was the president at Colby. “It’s kind of funny because coming here this morning I always thought of it as some drastically steep hill. Now I’m like no it’s just kind of a long front lawn.”The Colby mentors contribute about two hours a week for six months. “One day I go and I’m in the library and I’m with the class and I help my kid choose a book and everything. And then the other day I’m there it’s like an after school program we play on the playground and stuff.” Colby Senior Kristin Marks, who’ll graduate in a few months, has left a lasting mark one young girl. “I just want her to do well in school and just enjoy the time we spend together,” she said.