Glenburn Newborn Marks Birth as Leap Day Baby 

The next time a baby from Glenburn officially celebrates his birthday, he’ll be four years old.He was the first baby to be born in Bangor on Leap Day – a day that won’t come around again until 2016.Alexander Ryan Robinson is as healthy and happy as any newborn. What’s unusual about the 6-pound, 12-ounce baby is not the way he arrived, but when he arrived. “He was actually due on February 25th,” says his dad, Michael Robinson.Alexander came into the world on February 29th – Leap Day – about 5:30 in the morning. His dad and mom, Casey Danforth, didn’t really expect him to be Eastern Maine Medical Center’s first baby of the day. Robinson says, “The nurse came back in she says there’s one down the hallway – you guys better hurry up!” Alexander share’s his birthday with another Leap Day baby from Glenburn. 80-year-old Sumner Pinkham, Junior, celebrated his 20th birthday Wednesday. Alexander’s parents say their son won’t have wait every four years for his birthday party and gifts. “I think we’re probably going to go with March 1st,” says Robinson. “Just because there’s no 29th of February but there is a 28th, so it’d be senseless to roll him back.”And Robinson says the in-between-birthday times will be a lot of fun, too. “It’s going to be fun for a conversation starter, that’s for sure. I’ll probably joke with people a lot, try to start off with a lot younger than he his.”Being born on a date his parents won’t see very often, but on a day they’ll never forget.”It’s gonna be fun for me – I’m going to get to pick on him,” says Robinson. Danforth adds, “I think it must mean good luck.”Alexander’s birth is certainly uncommon but not as rare as a mother in Utah who gave birth Wednesday to her third leap day baby. Her other two children were born on February 29th, 2004 and 2008. The births tie a record with another family in Norway, who had three children in the 1960’s.