Bangor Woman Celebrates “5th” Birthday 

An extra day pops up in the calendar once every 4 years… February 29th.The Leap Year was designed to help the earth catch up with the time it takes to orbit the sun, but it also means that there are people who don’t get to celebrate their actual birthdays most years.Only one out of every 1500 people are born on February 29th and Lauren Morrison got to talk with one of them.Stephanie Comstock is turning 5….well technically Stephanie Comstock is *celebrating* her 5th birthday this year. She’s actually turning 20.Stephanie realized young what a unique birthday she had, “Like 5th grade, middle school is when I kind of realized that it was not really common to have that birthday.”Stephanie is part of a small group of people born on February 29th, a date that shows up on the calendar just once every 4 years.Stephanie’s mother, Donna, had a feeling she would come a little late, “Her due date was actually February17th. I came home and looked at the calendar and I just knew she was going to be born on February 29th.”A birthday just once every 4 years?!? But what about the birthday cake, the presents, the party?!? I was starting to feel bad for Stephanie…but then I just started to feel jealous as Stephanie began to talk about her birthdays past, “But then as I got older I was like, it’s not fair that i don’t have a birthday so I celebrate on both days, so if everyone gets to have one birthday I guess I can have 2 if I don’t have a real one.”Stephanie went on to say, “Your birthday is much better than all the other ones because it’s 4 times as good when you actually have it”Donna Comstock says they always honor the fact that Stephanie was born on a Leap Day, “I’d write like on one cake said Happy 3rd Birthday and then I put the 12 on her cake, you know the candle 12.”So it seems at the end of the day, Stephanie is just another year older, like the rest of us.