Bangor Couple Celebrates Leap Day Wedding Anniversary 

12 years ago, some people believed the fate of man kind hung in the balance as the clock struck midnight.John LeBlanc remembers it well, “It was new years eve 1999, and it was on the verge of Y2K and the power grids were going to go down and the computers were going to go down and there wasn’t going to be any heat and no lights, then at 12:05 when nothing happened we thought well this would be a good year to get married.”And it just so happened that year, was a Leap Year.But an Anniversary on Leap Day isn’t the whole unique day in the family, as John explains,”Her birthday is April Fool’s Day and mine is Tax Day, we said what a unique day would be February 29th.”You might think it would have been John’s idea to get married on February 29th…what with, only one anniversary every four years…but it actually turned out to be Heidi who suggested the date.Because with an anniversary only once every four years, it’s a lot easier to avoid the wrath of an angry wife who’s husband has forgotten the special day…As Heidi says “You should always minimize the number of times you have to get mad at your spouse for forgetting an anniversary, so once every 4 years seemed to make sense.”