State Police: Missing Florida Firefighter Victim of Drug Related Homicide 

The man state police called a person of interest in the case of missing Florida firefighter, Jerry Perdomo, was arrested and charged with murder Tuesday. Daniel Porter, 24, was taken into custody at his father’s home on Hadley Mills Road in Jackson.Porter was led out of the home as family and friends of Perdomo watched from the street.”It’s overwhelming. We’re glad that hopefully this means it’s over,” said Troy Todak, a fellow firefighter of Perdomo’s at the Seminole County Fire Department in Florida.Todak and Perdomo’s brother-in-law, Chris Lerch, stood outside in the cold for nearly five hours as state police met with Porter inside the home.Around five o’clock, they learned that police were no longer calling Porter a person of interest, but the person to blame for Perdomo’s disappearance. They charged him with murder, labeling the crime a drug related homicide.”I’m worried about my family at home, I’m worried about Jerry’s family and I’m worried about Jerry,” said Lerch.State police spokesman Steve McCausland says Perdomo’s body hasn’t been found, and wouldn’t elaborate on the search for it.Porter’s arrest, while comforting to Perdomo’s family, has only added to their list of questions, like how the two men knew each other and what happened at the house in Jackson, the place police say Perdomo was last seen.”There’s been nothing said. There’s just assumptions right now on our end,” said Lerch.However, with a man now in custody, perhaps they’re a step closer to getting answers.”We need to have Jerry. We need to be able to take Jerry home,” said Todak.