Independent Movie Filming in Katahdin Region 

An old Maine paper mill and the snowy streets of East Millinocket aren’t what you’d expect to see on the big screen. But that’s exactly why writer and director Lance Edmands wanted to showcase the Katahdin region in his new film.”Instead of the lighthouses and the fishing towns, I thought sort of the other side of Maine was really interesting, the dark woods of Maine, the Maine of Henry David Thoreau, miles of forest and mill towns,” said Edmands.His independent film called Bluebird is shooting in parts of Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Lincoln.Co-Producer Brad Payne said, “The story is about an accident that happens in a mill town in Maine and the people’s lives who are affected by that accident.”Edmands is a native of Kennebunk who now lives in New York City. He’s spent the past three years taking trips to the Katahdin region collecting stories to incorporate into his script. “It’s important to us to incorporate the community in this piece because obviously it’s a film about community,” said Payne.It’s all in an effort to create the most accurate backdrop possible and to give viewers who aren’t from Maine a sense of what life is like here.”The spirit of solidarity that people have in Maine and the sense of community and how people support eachother and learn to cope with problems together, I think that’s part of what the film was about and I think that people will feel that when they see it,” said Edmands.The movie has one week left of filming. After that, it will be edited and submitted to independent film festivals with the hopes that it will be sold and distributed to theaters.