Snowmobiling Season Going Strong Where There Is Snow 

It’s been a mild winter so far and for some snowmobilers, that means less time on the trails.”This is my first time up this year and usually I’ve snowmobiled at least 8 or 10 times by now,” said Bill Desjardins of Saco during his trip to the Katahdin Region.Snowmobilers who do venture further north will find something other areas of New England and other areas of Maine don’t have. “There’s no snow in Portland, there’s no snow in Waterville, there’s no snow in Bangor, but we’re in the snow belt and granted we don’t have that much, but what we do have is great and our trail system is absolutely wonderful,” said Rick Levasseur, Co-Owner of 5 Lakes Lodge in Millinocket.The snowmobiling industry is a big part of the Millinocket region’s economy. Local business owners say January was rough, but this month business has picked up.”We’re very fortunate to be in an area where there’s actually been pretty decent snow and our February has been pretty strong. We’ve got great riding, the challenge is getting the word out, telling people that it’s here because a lot of people don’t believe it,” said Matthew Polstein, Owner of New England Outdoor Center in Millinocket.As the word does get out, Millinocket business owners are realizing snow might be their most valuable commodity this season. “The lack of snow in Vermont, New Hampshire and even New York has brought a lot of new business to the state, which will probably help us in the future years as well,” said Polstein.And with more snow on the way, business owners are hoping a storm of snowmobilers will head their way too.