Bangor Firefighters Adopts Rescued Kitten 

A kitten that was rescued from a burning apartment building in Bangor two weeks ago is getting a new home.”Fire alarm, Central Station, I have you responding to 26 Market St. for an involved structure fire.”Firefighter Bruce Johnson was one of the first on scene at this apartment fire in Bangor on February 10th.”Heavy, heavy fire coming out of the kitchen area.”Through the thick smoke inside, he followed the sound of crying…coming from a kitten.Johnson describes the kitten: “She was burnt and really gasping for air and things like that.”Johnson acted quickly.”Bangor, just made a note, we just pulled an animal out of the building.”Using a pet oxygen mask, he and another firefighter were able to resuscitate the cat, but two others perished in the fire.The cat has been recovering at a veterinary clinic, but soon she will be his.Johnson will be adopting the kitten.Johnson said, “There’s a bond there already, the cat gets a second chance.”He’s even given her a new name:”Her name’s flame.”Penobscot Veterinary Services have waived all the fees to give back to this self proclaimed animal lover who’s gained quite a reputation.According to Johnson, “This may not be my first offense: I’ve pulled a couple of others out of fire too.”Because of Johnson’s track record, his firefighters have given him a special nickname.Johnson said, “They’ve been calling me hello kitty, the guys have been having fun with it, I’ve been finding cats in my bunker, my bed.”A little bit of heckling that Capt. Tom Higgins calls good natured fun.”It’s just a part of the fire service and showing how we do recognize things like that.”