Maple Syrup Season Hits Maine Early 

Maple syrup season has arrived early in Maine.Warm temperatures are letting syrup providers tap trees now and get the sap running.Syrup producers say the temperatures need to be in the 20’s at night, and the 40’s by day.That usually happens during late winter and early spring.Even though they’re tapping the trees two weeks earlier than usual, producers believe they’re in for a good year.”When the sun like today hits the trees, it will warm it up, it will start that process of the sap moving up. It’s gotta feed the little buds and then at night it will come back down the tree, and that’s what you want, you want to catch it when it goes up and down the tree,” says Dave Violette, of the Maple Ridge Sugar Shack.Mark your calendars, because Maine Maple Sunday takes place on March 25th.