Reptile Exhibit Attracts Big Crowd

Updated 2 years ago

If snakes and lizards are your kind of pet then the reptile exhibit in Bangor was just the place for you.This was only the second time the exhibit has taken place in Bangor. iIt’s sponsored by the Maine Herpetological Society.Organizers say its mostly captive bred animals and those attending can purchase a new pet.They say the interest in reptiles is growing and Sunday’s attendance doubled from the last time.” To me what was cool about them, they are completely different then cats and dogs and your typical warm-blooded animals because they aren’t affectionate, they don’t listen to your voice. They are just so different and that’s what attracted me and I think that’s what attracts a lot of people. They’re so out of the mainstream of typical pets people have,” said Doug Kranich of the Maine Herpetological Society.To learn about other reptile exhibits in the state visit