Governor, Senate President Blast Democrats for Rejecting Budget Plan 

Governor LePage is blasting Senate Democrats for rejecting a supplement budget drawn up to close a $120 million dollar gap.It was tailored to bail out the Department of Health and Human Services while continuing to cover Medicaid expenses and pay other bills.Twelve Senate Democrats voted against the measure Thursday night, after House lawmakers approved it earlier in the day. The Governor says those senators resorted to obstruction on the budget. But the dissenters say the plan cut too many Mainers from Medicaid.Republican Senate President Kevin Raye says the Democrats sank a plan that took nearly two months of negotiation and compromise to create.”We’ve managed to avoid gridlock that we have so often seen in Washington but last night 12 Democratic senators introduced gridlock to Augusta, in what I think was a very rash and irresponsible act.”Democratic Senator Justin Alfond, who voted against the bill, says his party is trying to take care of the needs of Mainers. He said the proposed budget is “short-sighted with long-term consequences.”It’s expected to be taken back up by the Senate on Tuesday.