Fusion Meets Penobscot Theatre’s New Artistic Director 

Members of Bangor’s business community welcomed a newcomer to town Thursday.Fusion stopped by the Penobscot Theatre to introduce themselves to new Artistic Director, Bari Newport.The group wanted to connect with one of Bangor’s oldest downtown entities.”Penobscot Theatre is a very essential and big part of the Bangor region, so it’s great to connect young people to something that is so big in our region and get them involved,” said Fusion member, Matt McLaughlin.Newport gave the group a tour of the theatre, which she believes is an impressive part of the city’s history.”That Bangor has had a professional theater in its midst for nearly forty years, this is our thirty-eighth season, is really extraordinary,” said Newport.The meeting was part of Fusion’s Noontime Networks, a luncheon they hold every month to meet and network with people in the community.