Waldo County GOP Votes for Censure of State Chairman 

Frustration has built up over the omission of some Waldo County Republican caucus results from statewide tallies.Belfast Caucus Chairman, Matt McDonald, says they decided to do a public count in that city.He says the results showed Ron Paul with eight votes and Mitt Romney with five, but what shocked McDonald is when he viewed the state website and Belfast was showing zeros.He called the Maine Republican Party office.”I said I noticed on the website Belfast is showing all zeros. She said I’m so sorry, it’s busy, but I have the results,” said Belfast Caucus Chairman, Matt McDonald.McDonald says those results were Mitt Romney with nine votes and Ron Paul with two, which weren’t correct.As a result, Belfast votes aren’t being counted, along with several other towns in Waldo County.That has angered many in the party and caused them to take action.Tuesday night, Waldo County Republicans initially passed a vote asking Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster to step down. That vote was ultimately amended to instead ask that he be censured.McDonald says this whole ordeal has been a surprise.”I don’t expect little, old Belfast Maine to have election and voter fraud. That’s not for Belfast. It’s so frustrating, especially as a chairman,” said McDonald.McDonald thinks the only solution is for leadership to step down.”It was unfair of Mr. Webster to call the winner of the election as he did. Over 15 to 20 percent of the votes had not been counted yet, a whole county hasn’t counted yet or even voted yet. So he kind of jumped the gun,” said McDonald.We tried reaching Webster. He was unavailable for comment.The censure recommendation will be taken up by the State GOP Committee on March tenth.Some republicans were already upset with Webster because results from Washington County weren’t going to be counted. They postponed their caucus because of last weekend’s snow storm.Mitt Romney was declared the winner in Maine.