Classroom Simulates Real World for Students 

An ER with no emergencies seems hard to picture, but it’s actually the most realistic setting for students at Kennebec Valley Community College.”They’re running it like it’s a hospital, and there are multiple patients for nursing students,” said John Malcolm, a graduate of the school.Using a mock hospital room, complete with mannequins substituting for patients, the college is creating the experience for its health care students with a new simulation lab.”It is just is a safe environment for students to learn how to interact with patients, how to critically think,” said Marcia Parker, Chair of the college’s Nursing Department.The room was funded, in part, by TD Bank’s Charitable Foundation. Following a ribbon cutting ceremony, students performed a routine procedure to demonstrate how the experience they’re gaining in the classroom will help others in the real world.”With these mannequins we can do that and learn the skills, and become comfortable with it without having somebody’s life hanging in the balance,” said Malcolm.