Bangor Radio Show Team Passes Out Kisses and Condoms 

Some local radio shows hosts marked the holiday by passing out kisses and condoms.The crew from the Pulse Morning Show set up shop in West Market Square in downtown Bangor Tuesday. Pat LaMarche, Don Cookson and Don Morgan gave away chocolate kisses and condoms as part of condom awareness week.They teamed up with the Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center for the event.It was also a way for them to pay off a bet with the show’s sports guy, Toby Nelson.They wagered on the Superbowl game and the losers had to agree to spread some love on Valentine’s Day.LaMarche says, “I never cared so much about a Superbowl game in my life. Not that I minded doing this but I wanted to see our sports guy give these kisses away.”Cookson adds, “But it’s Valentine’s Day, the weather’s fabulous. It’s worked out very well in that regard and hopefully people are enjoying themselves today.”Folks who stopped by also entered to win dinner and a movie for Valentine’s Day.