Senior Watch February 13, 2012 

Kristie Miner talks about how Maine is working on an Alzheimer’s State Plan. In Maine today we have over 37,000 residents with Alzheimer’s disease. By 2020 that number is expected to rise to 53,000. At least 25 states across the country have already taken concrete action toward developing an Alzheimer’s state plan and some have moved to implementation phase. State Alzheimer’s plans create the infrastructure and accountability necessary to build dementia-capable programs and communities to accommodate the growing number of people with the disease.” People can get involved by becoming a Workgroup member or contacting the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter by visiting or calling 800.272.3900. They can ask to speak to Jill Conover, Director Communications & Advocacy.If there’s time, Kristie will stress the services of the Alzheimer’s Association, including support groups, educational opportunities, care consultation, 24 hour helpline…. Encouraging people to contact them for assistance navigating this disease.