Maine Republican Caucus Results In Before All Votes Cast 

The results to the Maine Republican Caucus were announced this weekend.Mitt Romney picked up 39 percent of the vote.Ron Paul was second with 36 percent of the vote.But not all of the votes in Maine have been cast. Washington County picked up about a half a foot of snow in Saturday storm and as a result they postponed their caucus until this coming Saturday the 18th.But those votes will not count toward the state total, which the GOP Chairman of Washington County didn’t find out until Saturday night.According to Chris Gardner the Washington County Republican Committee Chairman that does not mean, the voters there will not be heard. “I think the people of Washington County will do everything within our power to ensure that it does. Currently if nothing does change that would be the belief that it was discounted and that wouldn’t be right but as a county and as a county party we feel comfortable we will make our case, our case will be heard and our votes will count.”The Washington County Republican caucus will be held this Saturday, the 18th in the cafeteria of Washington Academy in East Machias starting at 1:30pm.The vote totals will not count in the state totals but they will be released to the candidates and to the public.Delegates to the state convention will also be named.